st. louis river

2014 Fishing Opener Was A Dud
I primarily fish the St. Louis River right here in our backyard.  It has some great fishing, and about every species you can think of.  This Saturday, for it's opening day, there wasn't a single species biting.  Not in our boat, at least.
Twin Ports River Monster Caught!
Earlier today I was talking with a couple of guys at work about how it would be funny if we did a Twin Ports river monster segment, where we'd try to catch some huge fish in the St. Louis River.  I never thought I'd actually hook one just a few hours later.   Here's wha…
Duluth / Superior Ice Fishing Report
Saturday was a beautiful day for ice fishing.  With plenty of sun, and temperatures in the 20's, anyone could have gone out in the ice and sat on a bucket.  And judging by the crowds, a lot of people did.  We heard the fishing was pretty good on the harbor off of park point, so t…