When Does Summer Actually Start In The Northland?
A lot of people were griping today in the office about the 27 degree temperature drop yesterday here in the Twin Ports.  Someone asked, "How can this happen in summer?" Another quickly corrected him that summer doesn't start technically until June 20th this year.   T…
As Soon As The Weather Gets Nicer People Drive Like Idiots
Today was a legitimately nice day in the Northland.  Temperatures hit the 70s and it felt just nice.  The sun was out, I was driving back from an appointment in Carlton, when I nearly was taken off the road by a car that cut into my lane on I 35.  I shrugged it off, kept my cool and kept going.   Ju…
We Have Killer Robins Stalking Our Family
We've experienced something at our house that we've never experienced before.  Agressive Robins.  They stand out on the window sill and peck at the glass trying to get in.  I've never experienced anything like it.
Mild Winter Doesn’t Translate To Mild Spring In The Twin Ports
I really got a beef with the weather now.  Just a few days ago I blogged about spring fever and a few things I couldn't wait to do.  The next day mother nature answered my blog with 2 inches of fresh snow and an extended forecast where we won't break 40 degrees.  So not only…

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