Mild Winter Doesn’t Translate To Mild Spring In The Twin Ports
I really got a beef with the weather now.  Just a few days ago I blogged about spring fever and a few things I couldn't wait to do.  The next day mother nature answered my blog with 2 inches of fresh snow and an extended forecast where we won't break 40 degrees.  So not only…
Are Your Allergies Acting Up? Pollen Levels Have Us Sniffling
This last weekend was the best weather we've experienced in a long time.  We finally spent some time outdoors at the lake.  We cleaned up the yard at home, and even did some fishing.  However, by Monday a few of us were feeling the effects of some terrible seasonal allergies.
Northland Experiencing Higher Than Average Pollen Counts
Pollen counts in the Twin Ports reached 7.5 / 10 on the scale on Sunday and Monday this week.  This is classified as medium-high pollen amounts.  At work today, many people were having problems with their allergies and everyone shared stories about seeing pollen floating around in the air …
April Snow Not That Uncommon, Check The Weather Facts Here
With measurable snow being forecast throughout this weekend, it has a lot of us saying, really?  Facebook updates like, "Don't put the snowblower away yet, or  "more shoveling again.... argh!" aren't hard to find.  The reality is, this is a typical Northland Winter.  We just haven't h…

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