5 Common Problems Of iPhone 4
I got my new iPhone 4s back in April and I fell in love with it, just like I fell in love with my previous iPhone 3.  Siri made my life so much easier, with helping me set reminders, sending texts for me, and keeping me company.  (I'm kidding about the last one.)  However, I have…
Nokia Phones May Soon Feature Vibrating Tattoo Alerts
It seems inevitable that one day man and phone will become one. At some point in the future, we will make calls by thinking about the person we want to talk to and then listen to their voice through a chip in our ear. But is that future closer than we think?
Smartphones May Make The Key Obsolete
Do you think you'll be comfortable going keyless?  As technology advances more and more of the things we are so used to having appear to be going the way of the dinosaur.
Front pockets and purses are slowly being emptied of one of civilization's most basic and enduring tools: the…
Do Your Taxes On Your Phone.
So I was cruising around looking for some new apps on my EVO last night and I came across one that I thought was amazing, the new TurboTax "SnapTax".