Want to Sleep Better? Flip Your Mattress on a Regular Basis
I was making the bed the other day and noticed the above tag on the foot of the mattress.  Well, it's July so obviously, I'm not complying with the suggestion of the manufacturer.  I know my husband is diligent about flipping the mattress to the other side on a regular basis, but…
Watch The Ultimate Wake Up Prank Compilation [VIDEO]
Years ago my step dad woke me up by blaring a recording of a real lion attacking at full volume in my bedroom.  Needless to say that my reaction would bring him great joy every time he told the story to others for years after.  I have to admit it was very funny, once I got my bearings, and…
Learn How To Control Your Dreams [VIDEO]
This isn't some kind of motivational speaking crap about how you can achieve your goals and blah blah blah.  This is much simpler.  It's how you can control your dreams while you are sleeping.  Some people naturally can, but for most people you need to practice.  Why co…
5 Reasons The World Won’t Let Me Sleep
This is a sleep deprived rant.  I just have to get it out.  It's Thursday Morning, and since Monday I've had 6 1/2 hours of sleep.  That's not good.  I'm starting to lose my sense of reality.  Here's why I can't sleep.

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