5 Reasons First Day of Kindergarten is Terrifying for Parents
OK, so maybe the word terrifying isn't right, but it's definitely scary at least a little bit for parents.  Today we brought our kindergartener to the first day of school which is orientation, and I was surprised the amount of anxiety I had as soon as we got there.   I held it together and did all o…
Bullied Teen Leaves Behind Heartbreaking Video [VIDEO]
Amanda Todd was a bullied teen who took her own life.  She left behind this video that describes how other kids acted towards her.  It is so heartbreaking, you just want to hug her and tell her it's all going to be okay and that life will catch up to the evil kids in her class.  …
Do Bad Teeth Equal Bad Grades?
There are some obvious pitfalls for those children with bad teeth, including self-esteem issues, poor quality of life, and uncontrollable pain.
However, a new study suggests that kids walking around with busted-out, rotten grills may actually suffer more academically.

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