Authorities Warn of Summer Blacktop Scams in the Northland
I guess it's that time of year.  I tell you of the IRS scams in February and May, now that we're on the cusp of summer I need to share info about blacktop scams.  Honestly, you really can never let your guard down, you never know where the next scam will hit you!
Police in Superior Warn of Computer Hackers’ Scam
It's a nationwide scam that involves both your computer and a phone call when you're least expecting it.  That's what the hackers are hoping to do, catch you off guard.   The scam involves using names of reputable companies you are use to doing business with and Superior pol…
Duluth Police Department Warns Of IRS Scam
The Duluth Police Department has recently received several phone calls and messages on their Facebook page in regards to what they are calling an IRS scam.  They expect these type of annoying calls to increase as we near the tax deadline.  Here's what you need to know.

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