Brooks Beast Running Shoe For People With Foot Pain Review
In the attempt of trying not to die before 40 I've made some healthier changes lately.  I gave up smoking last year, and then subsequently gained about 15 pounds.   So now in order to try to lose that weight and then some, I decided to start running again for the first time in nearly 7 years.  The p…
Grandma’s Marathon Training, How To Protect Your Knees
A lot of times when new runners attempt to save energy on the hills and flap their legs or let the wind get the best of them. This is a good way to have problems with your knees. Here's Carrie Tollefson to help you save your knees and get the training you need.
Northland Winter Running, What Should I Wear? [VIDEO]
Whether you're training for an upcoming Spring or Summer race or your New Year's resolution involves a commitment to exercise more, running during our Northland winters is possible, if you dress properly.  I've learned from experience and this quick video will show you what I wea…
10th Annual Gobble Gallop to Take Place This Morning in Duluth
Thanksgiving means a lot annual traditions will once again take place.  For me, one such tradition is running the Gobble Gallop in downtown Duluth.  Ten years ago, I ran the very first Gobble Gallop and there were around 500 of us out there on that chilly morning.  Now, not only has t…

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