Road Construction

Please Stop Turning Onto Belknap At Tower Avenue Intersection
Road construction has been taking place for quite some time now on Belknap Street in Superior.  It's a necessary evil, as this stretch has needed to be fixed for quite some time.  A glaring problem has come up though, and it's frustrated quite a few people.  You aren't supposed to turn from Tower Av…
Belknap Street Construction Update For This Week
Belknap is in the early stages of a huge overhaul, which is anticipated to take place all the way until November of this year.   The latest weekly update shows that we can expect to see some storm sewer work beginning next week.
9th Street East Bound at 6th Ave East Closed Through Friday
While driving home from Minneapolis this weekend, I noticed a couple of signs announcing construction projects about to begin on I-35 that will impact northbound traffic.  It's that time of the year and Monday the City of Duluth announced a project within the city.
Blatnik Bridge Opens Three Weeks Ahead Of Schedule
I'm not complaining, it's absolutely fantastic that they could finish the bridge work three weeks before their deadline, but had it been open yesterday we might not have been announcing the traffic backup due to another accident on the Bong Bridge.  Now, we can put that behind us and …
Why Is The Blatnik Bridge Closed So Often For Repairs?
I live in Superior and work in Duluth.  So the yearly bridge shut downs definitely affect me and drive me nuts.  Why does the Blatnik Bridge especially need so much work?   Turns out that just like an old car that drives over it, it's always breaking down.

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