Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Beer Review
Sierra Nevada has stepped into the Oktoberfest beer ring!  They've actually partnered with an old Germany brewery to come up with this beer, and they've made a wonderful child together.
Lotzza Motzza Frozen Pizza Review
Frozen pizzas.  They are probably the easiest meal out there.   From bachelors to hard working moms (and dads like myself) they make for a quick easy meal.  That was the case tonight.  I wanted a quick easy meal, but I didn't want the same old boring frozen pizza. …
Bud Light ‘Mixx Tail’ Beverage Review
I'm not sure who Bud Light is trying to target with their latest creation, the series of 'Mixx Tail' beverages.  Is it for the young party goer that enjoys having a pitcher of long islands at the club?  (Like Grandmas Sport's Garden serves?)  Or is it for the lazy cocktail person who wants a long is…
Brett Eldredge New Single “Lose My Mind” Review
I've been saying for the last couple of years that Brett Eldredge is a country music super star in the making.  He's fresh off his smash hit "Mean To Me" that made ladies hearts melt across the country.  He made quite a few new fans when he was performing here in Duluth for Maurice's 'Best…

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