How To Cook A Turkey & Cooking Time Table
To be honest, I have never cooked a full turkey.  I've cooked a turducken, ONCE, which is a chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey.  It's oven-baked for hours on a low temperature.  It took forever and STILL wasn't done, we ended up microwaving it!!!!
If it's your first time to cook a turkey,…
Taste Of Home’s Apple Crisp Muffins
Close your eyes.  Picture this.  You're laying in bed and suddenly the aroma of baking apples tickles your nose.  MMMMM!  Taste of Home's Apple Crisp Muffins and a hot cup of coffee, what else could actually "make" you want to get out of that snugly bed?
Surprise your family with that scena…
Venison Meatball Recipe From Taste Of Home
One of the tough things about venison is not everyone likes it.  There's a few tips on making it taste "less gamey," but the best way is to make it good is to find a good recipe.  Here's one I think you should try from Taste Of Home.
Taste of Home’s Spiced Sweet Carmel Apples
Even though our temps have been in the 70's, the leaves changing color and the crisp mornings tell us it's Fall.  Time for the anticipated apple season, which will be on every body's mind this week.  Grab a tart, juicy apple and make delicious memories with your kids as you try a different kind of C…
Taste of Home’s Cinnamon Baked Pretzels-YUM
Taste of Home has done it again!  An easy, yummy recipe that the kids will have fun making and eating!!  Try the recipe for yourself and make SURE you're ready to buy your tickets to B105's Taste of Home Cooking School, when they go up for sale on Monday, September 26!
Taste Of Home’s Orange Dream Parfaits
Remember push-ups?  (not a female undergarment)...I'm talking that orange-vanilla flavored ice cream on a plastic stick that you pulled through a brightly colored, cardboard cylinder?
I'm not a fan, but my husband is fanatic about orange flavored anything!  I will be trying this recipe, this week-end…