5 Things To Do In The New Year That You Always Put Off
It happens every new year, you have great intentions, you enthusiastically put together a list and then you get busy.  The list gets shoved under papers, you find it and stress a little because you haven't gotten to it and ultimately it gets forgotten.  Not this year, I'm here to…
Doctored Mashed Potatoes That Will Wow You
My mother always made real potatoes, that's what my father wanted, that's what he got.  I never tasted instant potatoes or potato buds until recently.  Wow!  They're fast, but I can't help feeling like I'm cheating the family out of real potatoes.  Then, …
Easy Crock-pot Venison Stroganoff Recipe
So you've bagged your deer and you find yourself with a freezer full of venison.  What do you do with all this meat?  This is one of my favorite easy recipe for venison and it turns out great every time.
Back By Popular Demand, Great Grilling Recipe, Bongo Burgers
My cousin Steve deserves all the credit for this one. We were having dinner before going to see a basketball game. He knew I liked Kentucky and wanted to take me to see them play Wake Forest. He explained the recipe to me and I helped him put it together. When I was asked to be on KBJR and cook some…

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