The Never Ending Pregnancy, Week 40 1/2
I've had a lot of people ask, "Is the baby here yet?"  Nope, not yet.   My wife's due date was October 26th.  She was convinced she was going to have the baby earlier than that, so it's pretty shocking that we are at over 40 weeks and still no bun…
Week 20 Ultra Sound Shows 4D Image of Our Baby
Today my wife and I had our 20 week ultra sound and we were able to see the first images of a developing fetus.  Considering the last time we saw the baby it was the size of a bean, it's hard to believe how far it's come in just a few short months.
Should We Find Out If It’s A Boy or Girl? [POLL]
My wife and I are expecting another child and we are getting to the point where we need to decide whether or not we want to know if its a boy or girl.    Everyone seems to have an opinion and the most commonly asked question is, "Are you going to find out?"  Tough pa…
5 Things to Expect During the First Trimester – From A Guy’s View
My wife and I broke the news yesterday that we are expecting a baby due in late October.  Because the first trimester is over and the risk of miscarriage greatly reduces, we decided it was time to share the exciting news.  However, it's been tough keeping it a secret.  There's also some other tough …

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