Would You Quit Your Job If You Won $5 Million in Lottery [POLL]
There's a lot of buzz right now about the Minnesota Lottery, as we have a $1 million dollar winning ticket sold in Duluth.  (Still waiting for the winner to turn it in.)   People have been talking about what they would do if they won the lottery, and you inevitably get to the question of "Would…
So, You Won The Minnesota Powerball, What Do You Do Now?
Early on Monday we were alerted to some exciting news, a Minnesota State Lottery Power Ball ticket matched all 5 numbers and the power number!  To add to that excitement, we found out that it was sold at the Holiday Gas Station at 5430 Grand Avenue in Duluth.  Dang, that's close to my house, it coul…
Powerball Price To Increase January 15, 2012
According to our news partners, the Northland News Center, the price of a Powerball Ticket will increase by a dollar on January 15th.  Powerball officials say it will make the payoff bigger!  Are you willing to part with that extra dollar to win more money?

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