What Does Your Swimwear Style Reveal About Your Personality?
It seems whatever we do reveals something about who we are based on some type of analysis.  Well, that doesn't stop with our summer attire!
The swimsuit style you choose to wear makes a statement. It communicates to the world, how you feel about yourself and how you want the world to …
The Way You Laugh Reveals Your Personality
Today is MOMENT OF LAUGHTER DAY!  Since Mother Nature is again giving us a kick in the rear, I think we should all take a moment or two to have fun, enjoy life and laugh.  It's no joke the way you laugh reveals your personality. That's the finding of famed psychologist and author Elayne Kahn. Here's…
The Shake – It Says A Lot
Experts say the way you shake hands can make or break the kind of impression you project. Check out the variety of handshakes below and choose the one that reflects your own personal style. Then read what your hand is telling people.
Who Do You Work With?
Okay, I found a list of the types of people you can generally find working together at any business.  My guess is you can identify several of these people where you work, but the bigger question is: Are you any of these people?  This is most likely not a complete list and you may have …
Your Favorite Cookie Says A Lot About You
In honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week (I think there's a week for everything!), I thought it would be fun to figure out what type of person you are by the type of cookie you love the most.  Luckily,  family therapist Jim Franklin has spent time mapping this all out for us.