NFL Shows Off New Line Of Uniforms By Nike
When the new NFL season begins, teams will all have new uniforms as Nike has taken over production.  As you will read, the Seattle Seahawks used this opportunity change the overall look to their uniforms.  However, for most teams the changes not very noticeable.  The Vikings and Packers will look mu…
Top 5 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks
With the NFL playoffs in full swing, the Green Bay Packers have a chance to repeat as champions. Aaron Rodgers may win the MVP for the year, and could win the MVP in the Super Bowl again. He is playing at an elite level right now and some people are already calling him one of the greatest quarterbac…
Son Of Packers Offensive Coordinator Missing
This really puts the game in perspective.  Let's hope this story has a happy ending.
Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin's son is missing.
Police in Oshkosh said 21-year-old Michael T. Philbin of Ripon, Wis., was last heard from about 2 a.m. Sunday.
Hey Packer Fans, Want To Own A Piece Of Lambeau?
I'll admit I am not a Packer fan, but I know many that are, and this is a cool proposition for them.  So, I'm sharing.  The last time that the team offered stocks to shareholders was 1997, it's been a long wait, but the time has come, a chance to buy Packer stock will soon be available.  Here's some…

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