Gearin’ Up For Deer Camp 2012
Once again, we are just a few short weeks away from the best time of year:  deer season.  Like very year, I have to put this disclaimer out:  I'm talking about firearm season.  (I know bow hunting has been open for quite some time.)  So once again, we will ref…
Pheasant Season Begins This Weekend In Southern MN
Growing up here in the Northland, I never really was exposed to pheasant hunting.  I had been partridge hunting (which is different) and other small game hunting too.  When I lived in Southern MN for a few years, I was introduced to Pheasant hunting, and found it's a trip worth taking…
Easy Camping Hobo Dinner Recipe
This last weekend, a group of friends and our families got together for a weekend at the lake.  We cooked all of our meals over the fire, and one of them was the classic "Hobo Dinner."  I was suprised that several of them had never heard of a "hobo dinner.&qu…
Learn How To Hunt Deer With The MN DNR
The MN DNR will be holding a deer hunting clinic for those interested in the Minnesota pastime on August 12th in Mora, MN.  The clinic will teach youth 10 and older deer habits, how to track dear, and other techniques.  Like how not to totally screw up like this dude did.
Common Mistakes While Boating
Murphy's law always applies to me.  Here's some ridiculous things that have happened to me while fishing.
1.  Forget to put the drain plug in the boat. With new DNR laws, you're suppose to always travel with the drain plug out.  After years of always having it in, it tak…
5 Disastrously Bad Camping Experiences
With Memorial Day Weekend upon us a lot of people may be planning to camp.  Learn from my mistakes.  We all have a bad camping experience, at it seems that I have more than most.  Here's the worst of them.
1. Bears!  Bears!  Bears! - 1993 Whiteface campground around 1992…
Ken Hayes Outdoors: Weekend Fishing Opener [PHOTOS]
I call this Ken Hayes Outdoors in a joking way, since I'm a novice fisherman.  I'm working on getting more lake time in, and luckily this year I was able to spend the whole weekend up north.  Here's some pictures of how our trip went.
Rookie Mistakes With First Icehouse
This was the first year me and my ice fishing friends built an ice house to put permanently on a lake during the ice fishing season.  We've ran into a few problems and things that we will do better next year... the first time around.
My cousin is a carpenter and did a very nice job building…

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