New Research Reveals Overweight Teens Get Bad Grades
There are many dangers that can come from being an overweight or obese teenager, including the risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, Type-2 diabetes and stroke.
However, new research indicates that teens suffering from obesity might be at risk for acquiring more than just poor hea…
Why America Is Obese: We Drive, Don’t Walk
One of the things that hit me recently was the fact that everybody is so afraid to walk anywhere.  Why?
A few weeks ago, I went to a friends house about 1 mile away from my own house.  We were going to have drinks, so I figured I would walk so I didn't have to worry about driving...
Hey Moms, It Could Be Your Fault Your Kid Is Overweight
Childhood obesity is soaring. In fact, about a third of US children are currently overweight or obese — and a new study may reveal one big cause.
Researchers found toddlers who have a poor relationship with their moms could be twice as likely to be obese by the time they turn 15, possibly becau…
1/3 of China Is Overweight Or Obese
As the chinese get richer, they also get fatter.  Obesity has jumped over 158% in the last 15 years.  The reason is as Chinese people get more money (mostly our money), they tend to follow the American's footsteps:  buying cars, nicer couches, and eating more...
Finally, Science Proves “You Can’t Eat Just One.”
Have you ever tried to eat one potato chip?  Or maybe just a couple of french fries.  Before you know it, you've pigged out and way over ate.   There's something about them that makes you want to just keep eating.  And now we have the science to back it up!
Obesity Rates Still Rising.
Our family is trying to eat better....exercise more. Although I find it hard to stick to. I think food is tasting better but worse for us now than it was when I was younger.
In 1995, no state had an obesity rate above 20 percent. Now, all but one does.
An annual obesity report by two public health gro…