Open Mic Gives An Ear To Private Obama Conversation.
President Obama's conversation with the Russian President was caught on an open mic.
The two leaders were having a hushed conversation and apparently, a mic was close by… and it was turned on.
When journalists went through the tape, they heard Obama asking the Russian leader to wait until…
Hank Williams Jr. Apologizes For Comments
Hank Williams Jr. issued an apology in a written statement for his comments comparing Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler.  When Obama golfed with Republican House Leader John Boehner, Williams compared it to Hitler golfing with Netanyahu.  ESPN pulled his opening theme from Monday Night Footbal…
Obama Signs Debt Bill After Final Senate Vote
The Biggest Question I have, I thought the government was elected to serve us, not their party or the rich???!!!!!
The Senate emphatically passed emergency legislation Tuesday to avoid a first-ever government default, rushing the legislation to President Barack Obama for his signature just hours befo…
White House, Congressional Leaders Reach Debt Deal
While still not a 100% done deal at this moment, it is encouraging news.  Just like we did under George W. Bush,  we again appeared poised to raise the debt ceiling under Barack Obama as part of a last minute deal.
Two days before the deadline for a possible U.S. government default, President Barack…

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