Do You Remember The Flowbee Hair Cutting System?
I vaguely remember seeing these back in the day, but we had some listeners call in this morning and share their horror stories about them being used.  Watch the commercial, and ask yourself why anyone would have ever bought this?
Do You Remember Pamida Stores in The Northland? [VIDEO]
I don't exactly remember how it came up this morning on The Breakfast Club, but we started talking about the old Pamida stores.  I remember the one in Virginia, MN.  Cathy remembers the one in Cloquet, and not long ago there was one in Two Harbors.  Some of the Pamida's were…
Nostalgic: Remember the Toot-a-Loop Radio
So many people dug the Panapet and remembered having one (my sister STILL has hers), that I couldn't resist blogging about The Toot-a-Loop Radio or Panasonic R-72.  It's a novelty radio made by Panasonic in the early 1970s.  My husband had one and still wishes he kept twi…