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Help Us Draft the 2016 Duluth TV Fantasy News Team
We're doing it again! We're looking to you to help us "draft" this year's Duluth Fantasy TV News Team! There have been many changes in the local TV news arena in the last year, adding a large rookie class to a solid stable of veteran broadcasters.
Help Us Draft the 2015 Duluth TV Fantasy News Team
The popularity of fantasy football has exploded in recent years. The excitement of getting to hand-pick players based on a number of factors to build a team of your own adds a new angle to watching the games. That got us thinking; why not do the same thing with our local TV news teams?
Sawyer County Flood Victims Can Pick Up Clean-Up Kits [VIDEO]
Recently the largest storm since 1941 hit Sawyer County in Wisconsin.  The storm caused an estimated $2 million of damage throughout the county and while water levels are going back down, there is still a lot of clean up left to be done and the Red Cross is there to help.

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