What Was That? Duluth Paranormal Catches Something At Nopeming
This was something that was captured on a Kinetic Camera that you would use with your XBOX 360. Wasn't put into evidence. This is what is called a theoretic way of investigating. Sometimes it leads to more discoveries, sometimes it just leads to great footage like what you will see.
Our Favorite Duluth Photos From 2016
With 2016 coming to an end, it's a good time to look back at some of the cool photo's that were taken around the area from throughout the past 12 months.
Nopeming Will Not Offer Tours This Year, Please Don’t Trespass
Duluth Paranormal Society will be touring the William A Irvin and investigating again. After leading tours at Nopeming last year, the group warns people there will not be tours offered this year, and a reminder, please don't trespass and try and investigate the property. Go through the right ch…

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