Trace Adkins Stuck In NASCAR
With Trace Adkins coming to town in less than a week, I urge you to get your tickets now for the show on July 29th. Otherwise, the price goes up. I love Trace Adkins, because he is true to himself and his fans and isn't afraid to laugh at himself...
Centenarian Celebrates Birthday With A Nascar Lap
This little 100 year old  honey got a birthday  gift that many would be honored to receive.  She's been a racing fan for over 50 years and at age 100 took a Nascar Lap.  She can barely see over the on to see a picture.
Danica Patrick Not Happy After Crash [VIDEO]
Racing at Bristol always brings the excitement and yesterdays race was no different. Danica Patrick got a little fired up after Ryan Truex bumped her and sent her car into the wall with 53 laps to go.
After the safety crew got her out of the car, Danica approached the track as Ryan passed by and she…
What Does Space Smell Like?
As the NASCAR season gets ready to fire things up,  some scientists have come to the conclusion that the Heavens smell like a NASCAR race.  As crazy as that sounds, it makes sense.