What Is This Mystery Object?
Today, a few of us DJ's decided to go across the street and take turns putting rubber bands on a watermelon to see if we could get it to blow up which is just another day in radio.  There is a YouTube video showing a watermelon blowing in this way, but even after placing about 1,000 rubber bands ar…
Guess What Mystery Item Was Found On Our Hood [Photos]
Today Chris Allen and myself were driving and returning some courtesy vehicles we borrowed for Grandmas Marathon.  During the heavy rain and strong thunderstorm I turned on my windshield wipers.  Something caught my eye when they moved.  What is this thing???
Which Rock Killed The Dinosaurs? The Plot Thickens
I've always loved dinosaurs, but what guy didn't grow up like that?  I even took a class at UMD called 'The Life And Death Of Dinosaurs'.  At the time taking that class also meant I never had to take another science class, like the ones with labs (they since have closed…
Oklahoma Woman Claims Famed Hijacker D.B. Cooper Was Her Uncle
Over the years others have claimed that they thought D.B. Cooper was someone they know.  However, if this woman's memory is accurate than this sounds very intriguing.  The things she claims are amazing.
When an FBI agent pleaded several years ago for help finding notorious skyjacker D.B. Cooper, he …