Denfeld Student Teacher Helps Kids RAP Their Heads Around Math
Ipods, headphones, blue tooth speakers.  It's no secret that kids relate to music on every level and every genre.  That has led a Denfeld student teacher to create an innovative way to motivate his geometry students. His name is Mr. Earley and he helps Denfeld students "rap&a…
Scratching My Head Over The Common Core Math Debate [VIDEOS]
I've been seeing this go through social media for quite some time now, and I thought I should probably figure out what this "Common Core" math is all about.  My kids may someday (I hope not for my sake) learn this method, so I should at least have an understanding. &…
March 14: Celebrate Pi Day!
The most funny part of this blog is the fact that it has something to do with's math hard....and I suck at math!!!  But, you can't deny that the date 3-14 IS the first three digits in the number pi!
How You Answer This Question May Tell If You Believe In GOD.
First of all I don't want to make this article a statement of whether God exists or anyone's beliefs. I found this to be interesting enough to post it up for curiosity. It is interesting, I answered the question and it was right.
People who are generally more intuitive in the way they think and make …