$465 Million May Make Your Life Worse
Nobody won the Powerball drawing from last Saturday, so now the prize grows to $425 million, the largest jackpot ever for the game. What is the first thing you would do or buy if you had the Jackpot?
5 Most Annoying People At Convenience Stores
I stop at the convenience store nearly every day.  Usually just to grab a cup of coffee, a quick in and out trip.  All too often this short trip is disrupted by some annoying person, completely oblivious to how they are totally screwing up your day from the start.
$228.9 Million Powerball Ticket Bought in Minnesota Yesterday
Did you happen to buy a Powerball ticket in the Twin Cities yesterday? Check your numbers, because the Minnesota State Lottery is saying a ticket with Wednesday's winning numbers was  purchased in Dakota County. This means that somebody has won the $228.9 million dollar prize that comes al…
Man Finds $9 Million Lottery Ticket in the Nick of Time
Doing your taxes is a pain, and many people put off their preparation until right before the mid-April filing date. Chicago man Irving Przyborski is certainly grateful he got a bit of a jump on his 2010 taxes .
That's because when Przyborski went into his tax files last week, he found a lottery tick…