Top 5 Reasons I’m Sick Of This Rain
How many days have we had rain in a row?  I miss the sunshine and the word "ark" actually entered my mind this morning.  As the dog was impatiently barking at the door (he hates getting wet) while I was no where near the door, I started making a list of why I'm sick …
5 Things You Might Not Know Are Made From Recycled Plastic
While I was emceeing the Northland Community Wellness Day my table was directly across from the Lake Superior College's Dental Hygiene program and they were handing out toothbrushes.  The toothbrushes were made from 100% recycled plastic, like yogurt cups.  How cool is that?
5 Unusual Official State of Minnesota Symbols
If you were honest you could probably name the Minnesota State Bird, right, the Loon.  I learned that and our State Flower, the Lady Slipper at a very young age.  But, did you know we have a State Muffin or a State Soil?  Here are some other Minnesota State symbols you might not have …
5 Things To Do In The New Year That You Always Put Off
It happens every new year, you have great intentions, you enthusiastically put together a list and then you get busy.  The list gets shoved under papers, you find it and stress a little because you haven't gotten to it and ultimately it gets forgotten.  Not this year, I'm here to…
5 Things Often Forgotten Until Thanksgiving Day
You're the chosen one, Thanksgiving will be at your house and besides cleaning you now have to invite, make a list, grocery shop, make sure you have enough plates, make the table festive and umpteen other things to make the day enjoyable (and one up your sister-in-law from last year)...
You Are A True Duluthian If… [LIST]
Whether you are a native of the area or a transplant, if you now live in Duluth and have done any of the following or uttered any of these words you are a true Duluthian.  Admit it.
Survival Items Every Deer Hunter Should Carry With Them
Every time you go out in the woods, you should prepare yourself and assume you could be spending the night out there.  You could get injured, lost, or you may find yourself in another less than ideal situation.  Here's things every deer hunter should carry with them.
Top 5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Adults This Year
Every year people, adults and kids alike, antagonize about what to dress up as for Halloween.  You start out being creative, realize it's too difficult or too costly to BE what you want to be, or just plain too uncomfortable to wear that costume all Halloween night.  That's why t…
4 Things I Can Still Do Wearing A Walking Boot
I have a stress fracture in my heel bone. (the full story) It was caused by the increase in mileage while I was training for Grandma's Half Marathon.  All it did was make it so I couldn't actual run the marathon!  It didn't slow me down though, here's just a short list …

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