5 Reasons First Day of Kindergarten is Terrifying for Parents
OK, so maybe the word terrifying isn't right, but it's definitely scary at least a little bit for parents.  Today we brought our kindergartener to the first day of school which is orientation, and I was surprised the amount of anxiety I had as soon as we got there.   I held it together and did all o…
16 GIFs That Prove Kids Are Awesome
When it comes to this whole life thing, kids pretty much reign supreme. OK, so they're not really good at being flower girls or staying awake while eating, but who cares! Kiddos know how to be awesome, and we're here to prove that point even further.
5 Things to Expect During the First Trimester – From A Guy’s View
My wife and I broke the news yesterday that we are expecting a baby due in late October.  Because the first trimester is over and the risk of miscarriage greatly reduces, we decided it was time to share the exciting news.  However, it's been tough keeping it a secret.  There's also some other tough …
Watch Kids React To Harlem Shake Videos [VIDEO]
To me, the Harlem Shake video trend is one of those things that is funny the first few times you see it, then you wish would just go away.  In watching some of these kid's funny reactions, I think many feel the same way.

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