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Gypsy Moth Spraying Begins Monday In Douglas County
Get ready for some loud, low flying planes.  Douglas County Officials have announced that the aerial spraying to slow the spread of Gypsy moths will begin Monday morning as early as 6:00 am.  Actual times could vary with the weather forecast.
Invasive Species Can Be On Your Docks & Boat Lifts Too
By now you would hope that many of us would be educated enough to know about the dangers of spreading invasive species with our watercraft.  The DNR has made a huge effort in the past decade to educate the public.  We're used to inspecting our boats and trailers for invasive species, …
Gypsy Moth Spraying Happening Today & Tomorrow in Superior
If you were awakened by the sound of roaring airplanes overhead, you may have been wondering what was going on.   Many people took to Facebook today to complain about the loud noise of planes flying just above their houses.  The airplanes are spraying for Gypsy Moths and it will conti…