Internet Baby Naming Contest Thankfully a Hoax
Last week we reported that a horrible  mom was letting the internet vote to decide the name of her child for a measly $5,000. We can now thankfully say that the whole thing was a big, stinking hoax, perpetrated by none other than the company holding the contest.
4 Dumb Mistakes People Make During Web Conferences
Every so often your job may require you to participate in a webinar (web conference).  We end up having to do several of these each year.  I get why we use them, and boy they would go so smoothly if people in general would just abstain from these stupid mistakes.  Here's a few ex…
10 Awesome Facts About the Internet You Didn’t Know
And because we can't do cat videos all day every day,* here are ten amazing facts about the internet. From how many likes there are on Facebook daily to the actual weight of the internet, this video just might blow your mind. (Hence the title.) Learn something new today, so you can watch a cat …

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