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The 4 Best Places To Get Ice Cream in Duluth
I scream.  You scream.  We all scream for ice cream.  I believe it was Abraham Lincoln or Richard Simmons who coined that phrase years ago and it still rings true today.  To me, ice cream is kind of like pizza in that it's hard to find really bad ice cream and even when it&a…
Klondike Kandy Bar Product Review
Well the TV commercial sure got my attention.  I thought it was hilarious, and I think it was very effective marketing.  When grocery shopping the other day, I just had to pick up a box of Klondike Kandy Bars.
10 Strange Ice Cream Flavors For Summer
When the weather gets warmer, and you head out into the sun, you’re bound to eat a whole lot of ice cream. Of course, you could choose from the traditional flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and rocky road. But why not try something a little different?

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