Here’s our Redneck Shooting Range at Night [VIDEO]
We were up at the hunting shack this weekend and we shot guns ALL DAY.  We shot hundreds of rounds.  We also shot a lot of archery.  The problem is that this time of year it gets dark a little too early.  So we made do with a couple sets of headlights.  Here's a quick v…
I Just Discovered The Coolest Deer Stand: The Millennium
I've had portable stands for deer hunting for years.  I've helped buddies haul them out in the woods, and they are heavy.  It's a real pain, especially if you're hunting on public land where you can't leave them out there.  This Millennium stand is a game chan…
Here’s Why You Need A LED Light for Your Truck Bed! [VIDEO]
People have been asking what I did on my week off from work.  A lot of the time I was sitting around a campfire at the cabin, or hanging out in the woods.  This was the first time I got to try out my new toy:  a bed LED light for my truck.  It's awesome, check it out!
Wounded Dear Attacks Hunter in Wisconsin
It's pretty rare that a deer will take on a human being, but it did occur Friday night in Fon Du Lac County.  A 72 year old hunter shot a deer with an arrow from his crossbow and wounded the animal.   The animal ran off, but later he went to track the doe.

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