Thoughts From A 70 Degree Minnesota Deer Opener
This last weekend was the warmest weather I've ever experienced on a Minnesota Firearm Deer Opener.  It was 70 degrees in my deer stand near Cook, MN.  I experienced some random unexpected things I thought I'd share with you.
Share Your Funniest Deer Camp Stories With Us!
Deer season is getting close, and as we are getting our licenses and gear ready to go, it's time to reflect back on some of our best stories from deer camp.  Share your stories with us, and we'll feature them on the radio leading up to deer season.
Wisconsin May Eliminate Minimum Hunting Age Requirement
Wisconsin Assembly Republicans are looking to eliminate the minimum hunting age requirement.  As of now, children who are 10 or older can hunt with a mentor, sharing one weapon.   Representative Joel Kleefish wants to do away with that, allowing both the hunter and mentor to have a we…
6 Things I Learned Field Dressing My First Deer
"Well, now what do we do?" my friend Nate asked as we looked at his buck lying in front of us.  "You want to do it?" I replied.  "I don't really know where to start," he answered.  "Well, I know HOW to do it, I just never have..."  This was our conversation la…

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