My Comedy of Errors Leads to a Warning to You at the DMV
Buying tabs for your vehicle, camper, boat or any of your toys.  It seems like everything needs tabs.  Luckily or unluckily, some of our tabs are due at the same time so we have limited trips to the DMV.  I had to get two sets of tabs so I headed off to the DMV office in West Duluth.  I spent a good…
Over or Under? Age Old Toilet Paper Question Answered!
My take is:  the toilet paper should come OVER the top.  That way when you can't find the end or you're in the dark you can just spin it downward and the end will eventually come off leaving it easy to grab. I've had people argue that fact, but now there's proof.
Why Did Cathy Kates Bike 12 Miles For Nothing?
I am Cathy Kates and I am addicted to cake.  I L O V E cake!!!  While on vacation recently we drove past this store while in the truck traveling to a friend's house.  I told my husband Homie, "we're definitely going there!!!"  But, when we came back th…
Breakfast Club Live Blog 4.14.14~BIG Concert Announcement!
Last Thursday Ken started coming down with "something".  Friday he decided it wasn't allergies and perhaps it was a cold.  Saturday it hit him BAM!  The dreaded FLU, complete with fever and delirium. (more than usual).  He's on the mend, but since he lost his voice, he's off today.  Too ba…

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