Heat Wave Health, Safety and Survival Tips
With all the hot weather we are getting, people tend to forget basic things to keep cool. Here are a few tips
* Avoid strenuous activity between noon and 3 p.m. (the hottest time of the day). This is especially true for the elderly and people who are ill. Chi...
10 Signs It’s Too Hot In The Twin Ports!
For the first 6 weeks of summer we were complaining that it was too cold.  Well, we finally got what we asked for.  It's hot and humid!  How do we know it's too hot?  I'll give you some indicators.
New chili pepper crowned world’s hottest!
I like hot, BUT...not THIS hot!  Why do they continue to breed chili peppers so they are mega hot????  They say you'll need a chemical mask and a body suit if you plan on using this latest pepper to make salsa!