Is This Battlestar Galactica T-Shirt Too Nerdy To Wear?
My birthday was last week and it was a great one.  I got some pretty cool gifts, and my wife likes to surprise me with nerdy stuff that I like.   For example she bought me this Jedi Starfighter lego set.  (It was something me and our son could build together.)  She also got …
Turn Your Hobby Into a Job
The job market is tough these days. Many people are coping with sudden layoffs, and others are struggling to find work after completing college or earning a new degree. Skilled professionals could wait months or years to find a job in the field of their expertise.
But if one of these descriptions mat…
Obama’s Beer Recipe Revealed [VIDEO]
The President's White House cooks show the recipe that's brewed for President Obama.  They show how to make the White House Honey Ale.  Related fact :  Did you know they have a bee keeper?  Holy crap!