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Memorial Day Weekend TV Marathons
Every Memorial Day weekend, TV marathons flood our channels.  Whether it be military movies, popular cable reality shows, or movie marathons, it can make for a great weekend catching up on missed episodes of TV shows, or just being a couch potato.  Here's whats going on and what to wa…
Great Lake Warriors Episode 1 Review
Last night was the premiere of Great Lake Warriors on the History Channel.  It's a show that highlights the life of tug boaters on the Great Lakes.   I was really anticipating the show, because tug boaters in the Duluth/Superior harbor would be featured.
‘Top Shot’ Is The Reality Show for Gun Lovers
These days, there's a reality TV show competition for all kinds of things. But even if you're not into singing, modeling or cooking, you can still get in on the trend, with the History Channel's "Top Shot," which premiered Tuesday night.
On the show, 16 top marksmen compete in a series of …