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14 Creative Yearbook Quotes
If you're a recent graduate, you might've thought for a moment or two about the legacy you've left behind. Pranks are always a good go-to in our books, but a safer, less offensive way to leave an impression on your school is through creative yearbook quotes.
Student Spiked Teacher’s Coffee With Butt Pills
If you're specifically looking to enhance your backside, an herbal product called GluteBoost claims that it can help you out. However, you can count Ellen Vic from North Carolina among its unsatisfied users — the 61 year-old high school teacher didn't kn…
Thomas Tyner Rushes for 644 Yards, 10 TDs in a High School Game
Al Bundy, eat your heart out: an Oregon high school football player rushed for 644 yards and scored 10 touchdowns in a game on Friday night.
University of Oregon recruit Thomas Tyner of Aloha High School ran for a state-record 644 yards and 10 touchdowns in a 84-63 win over Lakeridge (yes, ther…
5 Reasons I’m Glad I Went To My Class Reunion
I really had a tough time trying to decide this year if I was going to attend my 10 year class reunion.  It was never that I didn't get along with anyone really.  It wasn't that I had any bad feelings about high school.  The thing that was holding me back was that I figured, "why relive the pa…

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