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What Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes In Duluth? [VIDEO]
If  you're like me you wait until just days, sometimes hours before Halloween to decide on a costume.  Some people want to join the crowd of most popular costumes for the year and others want to know so they can be totally unique and out of the norm.  Either way, this video will give you a sneak pee…
Top 4 Places In Duluth To Get Your Halloween Costume And Ideas
When I was young and in need of a Halloween costume it was either begged for and [borrowed or I had to dig through my grandma's or mom's closet and make due.  That isn't the case anymore, now there are many options for people to search and come up with the perfect costume complete with props to make…
Top 5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Adults This Year
Every year people, adults and kids alike, antagonize about what to dress up as for Halloween.  You start out being creative, realize it's too difficult or too costly to BE what you want to be, or just plain too uncomfortable to wear that costume all Halloween night.  That's why t…
10 Costumed Mugshots for Halloween
When we get older, Halloween becomes less about accumulating candy and more about letting off some steam and having a good time.
However, the mixture of alcohol and costumes are too much for some adult Halloween revelers to handle and their celebrations run them afoul of the law.

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