Do You Remember The Flowbee Hair Cutting System?
I vaguely remember seeing these back in the day, but we had some listeners call in this morning and share their horror stories about them being used.  Watch the commercial, and ask yourself why anyone would have ever bought this?
Man Gets a Reverse Haircut in Clever Short [VIDEO]
A drastic haircut can be a traumatizing experience. But what if you could get your old look back in a snap?
Tom Offer Westort and his friend Peter Simon got inspired by Tom’s decision to shear off all his head and facial hair and created this clever stop-motion video in which his extreme haircut is s…
Holy Cat Hair!
It's been hot out, and our cat enjoys hanging out on our 3 season porch.  With the increased heat, our cat starts to shed quite a bit more.  Actually, A LOT MORE!  There is cat hair everywhere.  You would think we were cat hoarders by the amount of cat hair that we pick up..…