Duluth and Cloquet Wendy’s Restaurants Hit by Data Breach
If you've eaten at one of the area Wendy's restaurants in the last year and you paid with a credit or debit card, you may want to keep an eye on your bank statements. The Wendy's Corporation announced in a press release today (July 7) that over 1,000 stores fell victim to a data …
4 Best David Drew Hacks on My Facebook
Every few months I'll log into my Facebook and shake my head in disgust as I see my  account has been hacked by David Drew.  The way it happens is that occasionally I'll forget to log out of my Facebook account on a computer in our studio.  Hours later, David comes in and cant resist the childish ur…
25 “Worst Passwords” Of 2011 Revealed!
I guess I'm safe with my super-secret password Clownfart22!  If you see your password on this list, change it immediately because you have a great chance of being hacked.
Here are two lists, the first compiled by SplashData:
Sony: Hacker Stole PlayStation Users’ Personal Info
If you own a PlayStation and go online to play against others and download video games or movies as part of the PlayStation Network, you should check the activity of the credit card you have on file with that website.
A hacker has obtained the personal information of PlayStation Network account holde…