Green Bay Packers

Congratulations to the Winner of Our Vikings vs. Packers Contest!
As excitement builds to the first game at US Bank Stadium, so did excitement to see who would be going to the big game courtesy of us here at the station. With thousands of fans of both the Vikings and Packers entering to win this once in a lifetime chance to see Border Battle I at the brand new fac…
Forbes Magazine Says Packer Fans Are The Best In The NFL, Again
You see them in their Green and Gold, they display the names on their backs, Rodgers, Lacy, Matthews, and Cobb. Some finish that look with a foam Cheese Head Hat. Most of them can recite a Viking joke off the top of their head. They are the best fans in the NFL, according to Forbes Magazine.
Clay Matthews Shows Poor Sportsmanship in Packers Loss Yesterday
If this guy played on my team, I would be embarrassed as well.  You would think that these players some day would grasp the concept that they are role models.  Or maybe they would learn that every action they do is watched and scrutinized.  There could be something going on behind the scenes between…

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