Grandma's Marathon

Whipper Snapper Races Kick Off Grandma’s Marathon 2017
Make it a family affair and get the kids signed up for the FREE Whipper Snapper Races!  There will be plenty of time to get to the William A. Irvin 5K afterwards and your children will have a sense of participating and accomplishment.  Here's everything you need to know to make your d…
10 Fun Things to Look For on the Grandma’s Marathon Course
The course for Grandma's Marathon is truly amazing, offering some of the most beautiful scenery of the North Shore, as well as views of some of the historical buildings and urban highlights of Duluth and Canal Park. Here are some beautiful, fun, and wacky things to look for on the race course t…
Grandma’s Marathon Brings A Weekend Full of Live Music
Grandma's Marathon weekend brings a lot of runners and spectators to the Northland, who will all be busy Saturday with the main race and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon.  It also means that there's fun, live entertainment both Friday and Saturday nights in Canal Park.

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