Grandma's Marathon

Volunteers Still Needed for 2017 Grandma’s Marathon
If the only time you run is when you're being chased, you can still participate in Grandma's Marathon weekend in Duluth.  There are still several volunteer opportunities available for the race and volunteering can be a lot fun.
Grandma's Marathon currently needs volunteers in the following areas:

Fitgers 5k, Meet Kate Kucinski, What Happens Behind The Scenes
Kate Kucinski is the Public Relations Director for Grandma's Marathon, which means she handles any races that are associated with Grandma's Marathon and the Young Athletes Foundation. Kate is hard to talk to on race day because she has so much to do. So do all the volunteers for the race.
Gearing Up For Grandma’s Set For Saturday
Grandma's Marathon will be here before we know it, but for runners that reality has already set in as training has begun.  To help runners along in their training journey, Essentia Health and Grandma’s Marathon are hosting the annual Gearing up for Grandma’s…

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