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See Alan Jackson When He Visits The Northland [VIDEO]
Alan Jackson is one of our iconic staples of Country music.  Many of us remember how instrumental Alan Jackson was after 9-11 when he penned the song Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning).  To this day, the song evokes memories and emotion.  Alan Jackson is traveling to Gran…
Win Sara Evans Tickets Monday On B105!
Start listening early on Monday morning for your chance to win Sara Evans tickets!  The Breakfast Club will have your chance with Wheel of Winning at 8:40.  You never know what game will be on the wheel!
Listen Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning for your chance to win those tickets to S…
Rob Caudill’s Tribute To Rod Stewart: Review
I'm a lady of the 80's and dang proud of it!!!  Yes, LOVE MY COUNTRY...but when I heard there was a tribute to Rod Stewart coming to Grand Casino Hinckley the week-end we were camping....I was SO there.
I was a bit leery.