5 Eye-Catching Fountain Ideas for Your Garden‬
Water adds so much to a garden. And while ponds and pools are nice, the trickle and splash of an active fountain breathes fresh air and even a bit of a mystical quality into your garden oasis. When it comes to choosing or building a fountain for your garden, there are many options available to you. …
Vinegar Makes a Cheap and Easy Weed Killer

It's spring!  We're starting to see buds on the trees and the grass is greening up (our neighbor has mowed his lawn twice already....he's retired).  But, with the sure signs of summer around the corner also comes weeds!  With the weeds, questions.  How do I get rid of them?  Will they come back?  Ho…
Learn Free Hands-On Successful Gardening Tips In Superior
Have you always wanted to plant a garden?  Some of us want to as a hobby, yet others need to out of necessity to feed the family.  Well, it's time to take action, so you can have a productive season. You can learn successful gardening basics and advanced gardening tips for FREE!