WLSSD Is Looking For Your Food Scraps
Composting has become very big lately. It saves on garbage build up, smell, and is in demand by people growing their own food. WLSSD is taking it and has some good tips to compost at home.
Superior Landfill Free Days Coming Soon to Superior Residents
Superior residents will be able to dispose of unwanted items for free at the Superior Landfill on October 29th and November 5th from 8:00-2:30.  It's a nice chance to the house and garage cleaned up before the snow flies, but there is a list of things that won't be accepted.
How Do People Who Dump Their Garbage Illegally Not Feel Guilty
As we were traveling down 27th Avenue West my husband pointed to one of the entrances of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail because he noticed someone had dumped their old furniture there.  I made him turn around to get a picture because it shocks and amazes me that some people are so inconsiderate…
City of Superior Clean Up Schedule 2016
The City of Superior has just announced it's annual spring clean up schedule for 2016.  It's important to know that this is not for brush, but for items that you would like to discard for the dump.
My Earth Day Apology to Our Planet
Today I woke up like any other Earth Day, not realizing that it's Earth Day.  I mean, it's something we really don't look forward to unless your big into planting trees.  So I thought back on how I've mistreated the earth this last year.  It's almost always by accident, but still it wasn't good for …

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