Is Eating A Steak Out Of A Bag Weird? [VIDEO]
It seems that people are split right down the middle on this topic.  Our co-worker Ian was walking down the hall eating something out of a ziploc bag.  I confronted him to see what it was and it turned out to be a hefty sized steak.  He seemed surprised that we hadn't seen this d…
What Is The Reason More Restaurants Don’t Serve Squash?
I love squash.  There, I said it, some people cringe, some love it with me.  I think squash has been getting shove to the side and I don't understand why.  I've been baking squash and bringing it for lunch because I love it, my husband does not.  However, we are still able to find a happy medium and…
Is Drinking Pickle Juice Good For You, Might Have Health Benefits
I always heard as a kid that drinking pickle juice was good for you. I always drank the juice when the pickles were gone from our house when I was a kid. It’s claimed to enhance exercise performance, help control blood sugar and more. So, I did that into my adult life. I don't know if it helped me …
Burger King ‘Whopperrito’ Review
I finally got the chance to try a Burger King Whopperito.  If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a Whopper that's been thrown into a burrito wrapper.  You add a little taco sauce and you've got a new menu item.   How would this taste?
CHUM Food Shelf Summer Challenge to Feed Families
More and more Children go hungry in the summertime. Whenever I hear stories about pets and children, I automatically put my pet and child into the story. Now it's a family thing, and I think I could be in that group very fast. Families are lining up to do a night time shop in the food shel…
Great Summer Food Recipe For Camping, Cream Can Supper
People are camping and cooking outdoors as a family, sometimes it's hard to make a large amount of food to feed everyone and keep it healthy. Here's a great family recipe for Cream Can Supper. You can find it on the internet but this one is a little different as handed down the years.

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