What Can You Do So You Don’t Catch A Cold Or Flu?
I see on facebook and other social media, everyone is sick. Some of my friends have had to stay home with their sick child. I read more and more that people are getting sick and there are easy ways to avoid being the next bed ridden person.
CDC Says Flu Season Could Peak This Month
The country has been hit hard by the Flu virus this year, and that includes the Northland.  Social media sites like Facebook is full of people complaining of the illness.   It also appears that it will continue to worsen, and the CDC said it could peak this month.
Unexpected Flu Bug Visits Cathy Kates’ House
My husband Homie was feeling a little funky on Friday night.  He didn't really sound normal but he forged on.  Probably should have listened to the warning signs and stayed home instead of coming with me to the hockey game.  Who knew he had a 101.5 fever on the horizon?  Now…
The Never Ending Crud? Do You Have It?
It was September 5th of this year when I started to feel a tickle in my throat.  Next it was a sore throat, followed by runny nose.  A day later I had a full on crappy cold.  Usually colds for me last a week or 2 at the most.  Today it is October 24th, and I still have it.  …
Best Over the Counter Cold Medicine: Advil Cold & Sinus
I am one of those people that gets a cold 2-3 times per year.  When I get them, they are bad.  Really bad.  Not like, "oh I'm a little stuffy," or "I have a scratchy throat."  I go throw on average 3 boxes of facial tissue for the amount o…
Combat Flu Season By Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer
It's cold and flu season (and has been for a while).  We heed all the warnings.  Wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands and stay home if you are feeling ill.  Of course, people are also using an abundance of hand sanitizer, which makes your hands dry out.  But, I fou…

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