Flooding in Carlton County Causes 9-1-1 Phone Issues
Flooding from our recent Spring snrain (snow+rain) storm has caused phone issues in Carlton County.  They have determined the issue is a break in a fiber optic line.  Repairable?  Yes, however, at this time the area that needs to be repaired is underwater and that's compounding t…
Sawyer County Flood Victims Can Pick Up Clean-Up Kits [VIDEO]
Recently the largest storm since 1941 hit Sawyer County in Wisconsin.  The storm caused an estimated $2 million of damage throughout the county and while water levels are going back down, there is still a lot of clean up left to be done and the Red Cross is there to help.
State Of Wisconsin Urges Caution During Storm And Flood Cleanup
Memories of flooding in the Northland back in June of 2012 were recently revisited as the rain has again caused waters to rise.  From International Falls, MN where they are continuing sandbagging attempts, to the State of WI.  We are always reminding you to use caution when driving in flooded areas,…

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