Fathers Day

Hallmark Selling Duck Dynasty Father’s Day Cards
This is sure to be a big seller for the 2013 Father's Day.   Hallmark has announced they will start selling Duck Dynasty Father's Day cards on June 3rd and will feature the men of Duck Dynasty including Willie, Phil, Jace and Uncle Si.
10 Lessons We Learned from TV Dads
The perfect dad is, of course, a made-up one. A dad you could mute whenever you wanted — except why would you want to when he always doles out his advice with deadpan delivery, well-written wisdom or the perfect punchline? In other words, TV dads are the most perfect dads of all.
15 Baby Animals Celebrating Father’s Day
It’s that time of year again when we celebrate everything dad has done for us. That’s right, it’s Father’s Day! We found some baby animals that know exactly what it means to be in the Father’s Day spirit. Take a look at …
What Dads Actually Want For Father’s Day
I can't really speak for Moms on my Mother's Day gift suggestions, but on this holiday, I can speak for myself.  Here's some ideas, and I'm sure your Dad, or your kid's dad will like...
1.  Tools! Whenever my wife asks me what I want for a gift idea, I always say to…

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