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McDonald’s CBO Sandwich Review – Premium Chicken
For lunch today I tried McDonald's new CBO Sandwich which stands for cheddar bacon onion.  It was somewhat the more healthy option compared to the Angus Third Pounder.   The crispy chicken is 630 calories, compared to the Angus beef which is 790 calories.  Here's how th…
Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos – Food Review
I've seen the ads on TV for a while now, and finally decided to try it.  A taco shell made out of Doritos?  What could go wrong?  So my co-host Cathy and I decided to go for a little drive over to Taco Bell to give it a try.
KFC Chicken Littles Food Review
During the Vikings game yesterday I saw a commercial for KFC's new Chicken Littles.  In a testament to advertising, I immediately wanted one, so I drove to the KFC.
I think it could have been the pickles that perked my interest.  I love pickles, and the combination of fried chicken, pi…
The 10 Wackiest Drive-Thrus in America
Ever since the Grand National Bank of St. Louis, Missouri opened the first drive-up window teller (deposits only!) way back in 1930, drive-thrus have become a symbol of modern American convenience.
Today, of course, fast food restaurants lay claim to the majority of drive-thrus and most of us use the…

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